Green cells and frustration

I am PKD
PRKD1 I am
PKCmu I also am

DAG-binding and PH domains I contain
So to lipid signaling I must pertain?
I obviously have a role in cell stress
And with GFP fusions I do fluoresce.
Green PH domains alone make cell edges appear
But as a whole, near the nucleus I steer.

My PH domain must be special
At least the Naegle lab is particularly partial.
Do not judge it by its fold
Despite what you may often be told
My PH domain may do something different
To phosphotidylinositols, I may be indifferent.
Although I bind them on a strip
I will not bind them on a tip.

Add ATP and you will see
ABL likes to modify me..
Of course, only if nothing else is around
So there must be a signal by which I am found.

We PKDs clearly like to bind to each other
And to proteins from another mother.
Much of this makes experiments hard to construe
But the Naegle lab will carry through.