Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering and, by Courtesy Appointment, Computer Science and Engineering

Graduate Students

Graduate Student

SH2 domain binding specificity

Graduate Student

Predicting the relative affinity of phosphotyrosine-driven interactions

Professional Staff

Kathy earned a B.S. in Biology from Truman State University in 2006. She joined the lab in …

Undergraduate Students


Undergraduate Researcher

Varun Krishnamurthy worked with Ph.D. student, Roman Sloutsky, on developing a heuristic search …
Lab member Summer 2014-Fall 2015, BME class of 2016

Scientific Programmer

Programming genius behind ProteomeScout. Lab member 2012-2013. Currently in the MSTP program and Ph.D. student in the Swamidass lab.
Visiting student summer of 2015 from the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program.
Summer 2015 BioMed Rap visiting student in Chemical Engineering at University of Illinois.
Lab member Fall 2012 - Spring 2013, BME Class of 2013
Summer 2014 Amgen Scholar visiting student.
BME Class of 2016

Undergraduate Researcher

Lab Member Spring 2016
Summer visiting student from Truman University in summer 2013 as part of Siteman Cancer Center. Now a WUSTL Ph.D. student in Computational Biology and a member of Ting Wang's lab.

High School Students

Summer 2012
Summer 2013
Summer and Fall 2015
Summer 2015